What is Norton Cloud Backup | Steps to setup Norton Backup

What is Norton Cloud Backup & how you can setup it?

To backup or restore files on Norton Secure Cloud a connected internet is required. Then you need to sign in to Norton account then only you can view the files on the Norton Backup Drive.

You need to set the Network Cost Awareness option in the Firewall Setting Window to No-Limit then only you can view the files in your online backup.

norton cloud backup

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Backups help protect your data if you become a victim of malware, trojan, ransamware, spyware, and if there any major hardware issues. You can backup files to local storage OR cloud.

Activate Norton Backup so that you can run norton online backup.

How to activate Norton cloud backup :

  • Start Norton
  • Click Backup.
  • Click Set Up Now.
  • Click Save Settings.
  • Click close.

The full process for Creating Norton Online backup :

  1. Open Norton
  2. Click backup.
  3. Click Setup Now.
  4. Create a set name.
  5. Select/ Choose those files which need to be backed-up.
  6. Select/create the location/folder for taking backup.
  7. After selecting the Where option, it will ask you to save on secure online storage, hard disk partition and external CD/DVD drive option
  8.  Select the online storage option and click NEXT.
  9.  Select the When an option, it will display Automatic option, (recommended option) Weekly, Monthly and Manual schedule.
  10. Select the automatic option
  11. Click SAVE Settings.
  12. Now click on the Run backup.

It will automatically start backing all the selected files and folders you have set for auto backup.

Then it will show you can screen which includes how much left for backup to finish.

Once your entire backup is done then you can close the window.

Now all the selected files and folder have backed-up on Norton online backup.


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